Thursday, November 3, 2011

Rachel Berry

Glee- Rachel Berry

Joe Browns jacquard sweater
£38 -

DAKS diamond top
$93 -

Mid calf skirt
£9 -

Oasis flannel skirt
£30 -

Uniqlo flare skirt
£25 -

Marais t strap shoes
$110 -

Lace up shoes
$35 -

Suede shoulder bag
$100 -

Eastpak flap handbag
£37 -


  1. Hi there! Fellow r/ravenclaw subscriber here! Just wanted to let you know that I have been following this blog since you posted it forever ago over on Reddit, and have absolutely loved every post! Not only are the outfits spot on but your presentation is fantastic. I've seen a lot of people do outfit posts where the pictures just look awful, but your styling of them is just so damn good!
    Looking forward to more posts! :)

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